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20 Minutes to a Better Financial You

Maybe you’re the type that lies awake in bed thinking about the balance of your credit card. Or perhaps you obsessively watch the ups and downs of the stock market online. As most of you can probably attest, it’s easy to be anxious about money. So it’s no surprise that year after year, financial matters are named as the number one cause of stress.   But that doesn’t have to be the case. One of the easiest ways to banish this anxiety is to spend just 20 minutes crossing something off your money to-do list. Doing so will not only strengthen your financial future, but it’ll help you feel more confident about the health of your financial portfolio, too.   For instance, only 38 percent of people have enough money stashed in savings to cover a repair to their car or a trip to the ER. Starting an emergency fund is a task that takes just minutes, yet provides you long-lasting protection against life’s unforeseen events. Opening a brokerage account and setting up automatic deposit take less than half an hour as well, and both actions can help you achieve your financial goals. Our latest article on Yahoo Finance, 20 Minutes to a Better Financial You, will provide you numerous other ideas on how you can take control of your finances in just 20 minutes or less.   The path to financial success (and less stress) starts with one step. Which one are you going to take first?

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