What That Cash Under Your Mattress is Costing You

What could feel more certain than sitting on lots of cash? Most financial advisors agree: after paying down high-interest debt, building up a cash emergency fund (equivalent to 3-6 months’ worth of salary, more if you’re self-employed) should be among your top priorities. Cash is king for multiple reasons: it increases financial security, opens up choices, is perfectly liquid, and it’s reassuringly concrete. Great as cash is, however, it’s possible to love it too much. Recent data shows Americans are currently heavily-weighted in cash to a remarkable degree – and holding too much cash may have invisible, and surprisingly serious, […]

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Why TradeKing Advisors, Why Now?

Hi, I’m Rich Hagen. I’m a co-founder of TradeKing and CEO of our brand-new subsidiary, TradeKing Advisors. I wanted to explain personally why we’re starting this new business, and why we expect its launch may change the game for investors like you. We launched TradeKing almost a decade ago to give independent investors a remarkable value in online brokerage. Back then, brokerage pricing was confusing and expensive, customer service was lackluster, trader education limited, and social investing nonexistent. I’m proud to say TradeKing changed all that. Over the last decade, we’ve seen many clients enjoy great success managing their own […]

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TradeKing Introduces TradeKing Advisors

CHARLOTTE, NC—June 30, 2014 – An innovator in online financial services, TradeKing Group announced today the formation of a new subsidiary: TradeKing Advisors. TradeKing Advisors, Inc. is an SEC-registered investment advisor that offers professionally managed investment portfolios online at an affordable price. TradeKing co-founder and long-time president and COO Richard J. Hagen, Jr. will take on the role of president and CEO of TradeKing Advisors, which will launch its offering for independent investors seeking professional advice this summer. Trusted, Value-based Advisory TradeKing Advisors intends to offer a new level of value in advisory services with portfolios designed and monitored by […]

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