Getting to Know Your Investing Persona

Even the most independent personalities fit into a cohort – a community of people who share not only broad demographic stats but also private concerns, mindsets, lifestyles and motivations. Understanding your investing “persona” can be surprisingly liberating. It’s encouraging to realize you’re not alone in your financial worries (and that others share your reasons for procrastinating). It’s also bracing to recognize that solutions do exist that can successfully bridge you to your financial goals. Finally, knowing your own investing persona can help launch you into finally acting. We built TradeKing Advisors with several investing personas in mind. We’ll delve into […]

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Portfolio Q&A with Ibbotson Associates

TradeKing Advisors offers diversified investment portfolios that are designed and monitored by Ibbotson Associates, Inc., a registered investment adviser and part of Morningstar’s Investment Management Group. This week Brent Jones of TradeKing Advisors sat down with Mike Garrison CFA, CFP®, Senior Investment Consultant, to discuss the history behind Ibbotson Associates, as well as their process behind the construction and ongoing oversight of the portfolios offered by TradeKing Advisors. Who is Ibbotson and what’s your history? In the early 1970’s at the University of Chicago, a junior Finance faculty member, Roger Ibbotson, and an MBA student with portfolio management experience, Rex Sinquefield, […]

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