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5 Hidden Super Powers of Millennial Investors

Millennial investors have gotten a bum rep – unfairly, I believe. My impressions of millennial investors come from two vantage points. First, as a co-founder of TradeKing Group I’ve encountered many millennial-age brokerage clients. Second, we employ many millennial-age people, who – unsurprisingly, given their choice of employer – are mostly quite investment-minded. That trend has carried over on both fronts in my new role as CEO of TradeKing Advisors.   What I’ve observed flies in the face of nearly every preconceived notion about millennials and money. Self-entitled, underemployed, deluded, cheap? Hardly. Instead I find this generation smart, skeptical and […]

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Historical Perspective on Market Volatility

Recent market volatility has grabbed headlines, and rightfully so. Since September the S&P 500 is down over 4%, the Russell 2000 representing small cap stocks is down over 10% since peaking in April 2014, and international stocks measured by the MSCI EAFA Index are down more than 11% over roughly the same time-frame. Volatility has returned to the markets with the Dow Jones Industrial Average posting triple digit moves in 3 straight sessions. As a result, many investors may be taking a closer look at their portfolios. To put recent events in perspective, we took a look at research on […]

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