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28 Ways to Save for Investing

As anyone who’s ever made a New Year’s resolution can attest, modifying your behavior can be HARD.  It’s no surprise that, as Forbes reports, only 8 percent of people are successful at maintaining their goals.   If you started 2015 with the hopes of building your investments, don’t despair. While it may seem like every dollar you earn is already spoken for, you’ll be surprised at how many ways you can find extra money with relative ease (And no, we’re not talking about gathering up the coins underneath your couch cushions.)   Try out these easy strategies for the next 28 […]

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Is Your Financial Fear Healthy – or Holding You Back?

Fear is a funny, double-sided thing. A healthy dose of it can keep you from trouble, but too much fear can induce “deer in headlights” syndrome, paralyzing you from taking necessary steps to protect yourself.   Last quarter we surveyed thousands of investors to better understand their financial fears: what worries kept them on the market’s sidelines and – just as importantly – which obstacles held them back from addressing those fears head-on. What we learned was a bit shocking.   Three-quarters of millennials we surveyed – and two-thirds of Gen Xers – admitted that the prospect of talking with […]

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The 10 Most Popular Investing Excuses (and How to Talk Yourself Out of Them)

What’s your New Year’s resolution for better investing in 2015? It’s easy enough to draw up a list, but remarkably difficult to see them through. Why is that, exactly? The fact is, it’s tough to reform bad habits unless you dismantle their root causes. That means facing up to the various excuses that may, consciously or not, drive investing behaviors and hold us back as a result.   Luckily, TradeKing Advisors can help. We’ve gathered a top-ten list of the excuses we hear most often from investors – spoken and unspoken – and equipped you with very convincing counter-arguments for […]

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