5 Important Things Women Know More About Money

Women face some unique financial challenges: The ridiculous pay gap and a longer average lifespan, which means their nest eggs need to be even larger.   But when it comes to investing, they’re proven winners. Overall, female investors see higher portfolio returns than their male counterparts, and in 2014, women’s investments outperformed men’s by 12 percent on average. The goal of our new article on Yahoo Finance,  5 Important Things Women Know About Money (and Men Don’t), is to reveal the factors that contribute to female investors’ success, so you can implement them in your own life (if you’re not […]

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Advice to My 22-Year-Old Self: 30 Financial Tips for College Grads

You’ve donned your cap and gown and done a little victory dance, diploma in hand. Now it’s time to enter the real world. But are you ready to be on your own financially?   If you’re juggling student debt and trying to land your first job, money matters can easily trip you up. Which is why our latest article on Yahoo Finance, Advice to My 22-Year-Old Self: 30 Financial Tips for College Grads, helps Millennials navigate through common scenarios they’re likely to encounter in the coming months and years.   For instance, even though you’re earning a paycheck, good friends […]

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