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5 Hidden Super Powers of Millennial Investors

Millennial investors have gotten a bum rep – unfairly, I believe. My impressions of millennial investors come from two vantage points. First, as a co-founder of TradeKing Group I’ve encountered many millennial-age brokerage clients. Second, we employ many millennial-age people, who – unsurprisingly, given their choice of employer – are mostly quite investment-minded. That trend has carried over on both fronts in my new role as CEO of TradeKing Advisors.


What I’ve observed flies in the face of nearly every preconceived notion about millennials and money. Self-entitled, underemployed, deluded, cheap? Hardly. Instead I find this generation smart, skeptical and aspiring to build a better world: the ideal formula for investing success.


If you’re a millennial, eager to convert your financial constraints into advantages, check out my first post as a Yahoo Finance contributor, 5 Hidden Super Powers of Millennial Investors. With this new content-sharing partnership we’re excited to reach a wider audience than ever.


We’re also excited to serve millennial investors and shape our services to meet their needs better. We see passing the “millennial test” as a crucial indicator that we’re reinventing online advisory along the right future-forward lines. Affordable cost, automation, streamlined technology, paired with outstanding customer service: we hope we’re delivering exactly what millennial investors need and demand. So far, our brand-new offering seems to be resonating well.


What other “super powers” do you observe among millennial investors?

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