5 Important Things Women Know More About Money

Women face some unique financial challenges: The ridiculous pay gap and a longer average lifespan, which means their nest eggs need to be even larger.


But when it comes to investing, they’re proven winners. Overall, female investors see higher portfolio returns than their male counterparts, and in 2014, women’s investments outperformed men’s by 12 percent on average. The goal of our new article on Yahoo Finance,  5 Important Things Women Know About Money (and Men Don’t), is to reveal the factors that contribute to female investors’ success, so you can implement them in your own life (if you’re not doing already).


Not only do women save more than men, but they’re also less impulsive and make fewer trades, resulting in higher portfolio returns over time. Furthermore, a third of women work with a financial advisor, like TradeKing Advisors, who can help with defining their risk tolerance and constructing a portfolio that corresponds to it.


We’re curious to know, how many of these lessons are you implementing in your own life?

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