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5 Ways to Get Your Retirement Savings Back on Track

The Great Recession dealt a painful blow to all Americans’ portfolios – but those investors closest to retirement age felt particularly pummeled. Baby Boomers who thought they were cruising safely towards retirement at age 65 are resetting the clock forward by several years. Even Gen-Xers are crunching the numbers anew and realizing they, too, may need to work several years longer than expected.

What can you do to get a derailed retirement plan back on track? Our last article on Yahoo Finance, 5 Ways to Get Your Retirement Savings Back on Track, outlines 5 moves you should consider to help you effectively play catch-up. While these moves are geared mainly to investors whose time horizons to retirement are limited, many of these pointers are useful to any investor who’s lagged in their savings plan and wants to get back up-to-speed with their retirement goals. If you’re a millennial investor dreaming of a super-early retirement, this checklist may provide you with useful ideas for advancing the retirement clock forward.

Wherever you’re at, TradeKing Advisors wants to help. We know long-term investing seems complicated and off-putting – that’s why we’ve streamlined the process to take the burden off of you. Our portfolios are professionally designed to match your risk tolerance and time horizon. We monitor and automate your asset allocation to try to help keep your portfolio in sync with those goals, all at an affordable price.

It’s not too late to open a TradeKing Advisors account with no advisor fees for your first year – and no per trade fees. Get started today.

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