Is Your Financial Fear Healthy – or Holding You Back?

Fear is a funny, double-sided thing. A healthy dose of it can keep you from trouble, but too much fear can induce “deer in headlights” syndrome, paralyzing you from taking necessary steps to protect yourself.   Last quarter we surveyed thousands of investors to better understand their financial fears: what worries kept them on the market’s sidelines and – just as importantly – which obstacles held them back from addressing those fears head-on. What we learned was a bit shocking.   Three-quarters of millennials we surveyed – and two-thirds of Gen Xers – admitted that the prospect of talking with […]

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The 10 Most Popular Investing Excuses (and How to Talk Yourself Out of Them)

What’s your New Year’s resolution for better investing in 2015? It’s easy enough to draw up a list, but remarkably difficult to see them through. Why is that, exactly? The fact is, it’s tough to reform bad habits unless you dismantle their root causes. That means facing up to the various excuses that may, consciously or not, drive investing behaviors and hold us back as a result.   Luckily, TradeKing Advisors can help. We’ve gathered a top-ten list of the excuses we hear most often from investors – spoken and unspoken – and equipped you with very convincing counter-arguments for […]

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See TradeKing Advisors For Yourself, On Us.

We’re living in exciting times for independent investors. Online advisory services like TradeKing Advisors are democratizing access to professionally managed portfolios. Market competition is heating up in this young, thriving space. All of that is great news for you. Just one question remains: which advisory firm should you choose?   Let us simplify that question for you, with a bold invitation: open a TradeKing Advisors account now and try our service with no advisor fees for your first year. We’ll apply this special rate to your TradeKing Advisors account for a full year, starting from the date you open it.   […]

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5 Hidden Super Powers of Millennial Investors

Millennial investors have gotten a bum rep – unfairly, I believe. My impressions of millennial investors come from two vantage points. First, as a co-founder of TradeKing Group I’ve encountered many millennial-age brokerage clients. Second, we employ many millennial-age people, who – unsurprisingly, given their choice of employer – are mostly quite investment-minded. That trend has carried over on both fronts in my new role as CEO of TradeKing Advisors.   What I’ve observed flies in the face of nearly every preconceived notion about millennials and money. Self-entitled, underemployed, deluded, cheap? Hardly. Instead I find this generation smart, skeptical and […]

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Historical Perspective on Market Volatility

Recent market volatility has grabbed headlines, and rightfully so. Since September the S&P 500 is down over 4%, the Russell 2000 representing small cap stocks is down over 10% since peaking in April 2014, and international stocks measured by the MSCI EAFA Index are down more than 11% over roughly the same time-frame. Volatility has returned to the markets with the Dow Jones Industrial Average posting triple digit moves in 3 straight sessions. As a result, many investors may be taking a closer look at their portfolios. To put recent events in perspective, we took a look at research on […]

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The Potential Benefits of Diversification

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” is a common expression that most people have heard in their lifetime. Simply put it means don’t risk losing everything by putting all your hard work or money into any one place. To practice this in the context of investing means diversification – the strategy of holding more than one type of investment , such as stocks, bonds, or cash, in a portfolio to reduce the overall risk of the portfolio. In addition, an investor can diversify among their stock holdings by buying a combination of large, small, or international stocks, or […]

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Getting the YOLO Generation On Track With Retirement

As the generation who popularized the phrases YOLO (You Only Live Once) and FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), millennials have earned something of a reputation for impulsivity. How do you square this emphasis on immediate gratification with the slower business of planning for your financial future – a tomorrow that may be decades in the offing?   We loved this answer by Huffington Post contributor and retirement coach Jacob Gold. The smartest approach isn’t to fight the YOLO / FOMO mentality but channel it to your advantage. Here’s how Gold puts it:   What young generations do not realize is […]

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Getting to Know Your Investing Persona

Even the most independent personalities fit into a cohort – a community of people who share not only broad demographic stats but also private concerns, mindsets, lifestyles and motivations. Understanding your investing “persona” can be surprisingly liberating. It’s encouraging to realize you’re not alone in your financial worries (and that others share your reasons for procrastinating). It’s also bracing to recognize that solutions do exist that can successfully bridge you to your financial goals. Finally, knowing your own investing persona can help launch you into finally acting. We built TradeKing Advisors with several investing personas in mind. We’ll delve into […]

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Portfolio Q&A with Ibbotson Associates

TradeKing Advisors offers diversified investment portfolios that are designed and monitored by Ibbotson Associates, Inc., a registered investment adviser and part of Morningstar’s Investment Management Group. This week Brent Jones of TradeKing Advisors sat down with Mike Garrison CFA, CFP®, Senior Investment Consultant, to discuss the history behind Ibbotson Associates, as well as their process behind the construction and ongoing oversight of the portfolios offered by TradeKing Advisors. Who is Ibbotson and what’s your history? In the early 1970’s at the University of Chicago, a junior Finance faculty member, Roger Ibbotson, and an MBA student with portfolio management experience, Rex Sinquefield, […]

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What That Cash Under Your Mattress is Costing You

What could feel more certain than sitting on lots of cash? Most financial advisors agree: after paying down high-interest debt, building up a cash emergency fund (equivalent to 3-6 months’ worth of salary, more if you’re self-employed) should be among your top priorities. Cash is king for multiple reasons: it increases financial security, opens up choices, is perfectly liquid, and it’s reassuringly concrete. Great as cash is, however, it’s possible to love it too much. Recent data shows Americans are currently heavily-weighted in cash to a remarkable degree – and holding too much cash may have invisible, and surprisingly serious, […]

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