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How Well Do Your Savings Skills Stack Up?

Last month we shared an article, 28 Easy Ways to Save for Investing, that offered one simple savings tip for every day in February. That made us wonder: which of these 28 tips get implemented most frequently in daily life? We polled TradeKing clients and employees to find out and recapped the results in this Yahoo Finance article.


It’s worth reading the entire article, but here are a few interesting highlights:


  • Three out of four investors find saving for investment tough. No shocker there, although it did surprise us that almost a quarter of investors surveyed felt they’d mastered the savings conundrum.
  • The top way to save? Ask yourself: “Do I really need this item?” before purchasing.
  • We uncovered several saving tips that most investors we surveyed weren’t yet implementing. Resolve to implement even one new tip, and you may be pleasantly surprised at how much more you can sock away.


Are you a super-saver towards investing? See how your skills stack up today

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