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See TradeKing Advisors For Yourself, On Us.

We’re living in exciting times for independent investors. Online advisory services like TradeKing Advisors are democratizing access to professionally managed portfolios. Market competition is heating up in this young, thriving space. All of that is great news for you. Just one question remains: which advisory firm should you choose?


Let us simplify that question for you, with a bold invitation: open a TradeKing Advisors account now and try our service with no advisor fees for your first year. We’ll apply this special rate to your TradeKing Advisors account for a full year, starting from the date you open it.


Why this change now? It’s simple: seeing is believing. We want to make opening a TradeKing Advisors account a more clear-cut decision, encouraging investors to get started now pursuing their financial goals. Why hold off any longer?


We invite you today to see for yourself the performance and convenience TradeKing Advisors offers – again, with no advisor fees for your first year. We’re also lowering our account minimum to $5,000 for Core portfolios ($25,000 for Momentum portfolios) to make it even easier for people to try us. After the first year, investors will pay a fee of 0.25% to 0.50% on their average annual balance depending on the type of portfolio they choose.


This bold stroke benefits you, the investor, while demonstrating our commitment to compete in this new market. TradeKing has always done right by our clients and delivered the ultimate in value. This is a tangible demonstration of that ongoing commitment.


During 2015, expect us to impress you. We believe strongly in transparency, so watch this space for our first quarterly portfolio performance report card. Traditional advisors and online advisory services alike have been slow to share this valuable data, which should be core to any investor’s choice of advisory firm. We’re eager to correct this omission.


TradeKing has built its reputation on delivering an outstanding value to investors. Since we launched 9 years ago, we’ve held the line on pricing at $4.95 per trade plus 65¢ per options contract – all while enriching our product with extra value, from research tools to mobile and streaming trading platforms and much else. At TradeKing Advisors, we’re building a business with similarly sustainable pricing and plan to enrich its value with more services over time. In 2015 we’ll add Goals-based Planning, Risk-assisted Portfolios, and Tax Loss Harvesting to our platform – and we’re just getting started.


We won’t ever be bested on service. We believe as the markets travel up and down, the pure “robo” offering won’t cut it. “24/7 phone support” sounds good – but how does that promise hold up under real-world difficulties? Extraordinary, expert customer service is proven only in hard-won practice. At TradeKing, award-winning service is deep in our DNA. We’ll treat you with exceptional care, knowledge, professionalism and promptness – every time. See for yourself.


Why charge anything for this service, ever? It’s a fair question that we want to address honestly. With any “free” service, you always have to ask yourself: does free ever truly mean free? We want our clients to know exactly what they’re paying for in one, all-inclusive price, without fear of annoying up-selling or slippery cash interest practices. You also won’t have to worry about portfolios designed to push proprietary funds or third-party funds with a hidden revenue kick-back embedded. TradeKing Advisors will choose the very best funds to meet our portfolios’ objectives – period. We’re building a business sustainable for the long haul, with an assertive opener that we expect will grow our customer base fast. We can afford to do right by our present and prospective clients this way, and we’re all fired up to get started now.


What are you waiting for? Check out TradeKing Advisors and then open an account to put your investment plan into action. Ready to go? You can fast forward to our brief questionnaire that will help you determine your risk tolerance, time horizon and investment goals. We’ll instantly provide two portfolio recommendations to meet your needs.

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